LRS Communications

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LRS Communications, Inc. is a Brooklyn based wireless technology and communications company serving the New York City area for over 17 years. LRS Communications is headquartered in the Sunset Industrial Park in Brooklyn, New York, an ideal location for providing wireless technology and communications sales and service to the Greater New York Metropolitan Areea.

LRS is an authorized Motorola sales and service, installing and servicing genuine Motorola equipment. As new technologies emerge, customers count on LRS to provide them with the latest solutions in wireless technology available. Recently LRS was designated a "Manufacturer's Representative of Motorola, making LRS an official agent of Motorola for selected high-volume government accounts, This designation is awarded only to a handful of Motorola dealerships nationwide that have proven to have the salesmanship, customer service, and technical expertise required for major accounts.

LRS Communications played a critical role in providing emergency communications for Nextel and Motorola in the days following 9/11, reconstructing multiple customer radio systems that were lost, locating and developing replacement and new antenna sites and reprograming over 2,500 radios for the replacement system. LRS has experience in 800 re-banding and all facets of the antenna infrastructure system including tuning cavities, combining systems and other cricital communications hardware solutions.


LRS Communications
50 20th Street
Brooklyn NY 11232